When we can help you pay for two homes

Fear of violence

You may get housing benefit if you have left your former home and are staying away because of violence or fear of violence. This can be either in your home by another person, or outside your home by a former member of your family.

We always have to consider if it is reasonable to pay housing benefit and we may pay for up to 52 weeks. Please see temporary absence for more information.
For housing benefit to be paid, you must intend to return and live in the home you left.

Students or trainees

Couples who are living in separate rented accommodation may receive housing benefit for both properties. We must agree that you cannot avoid living in separate accommodation and that it is reasonable to pay benefit on both homes. There is no time limit on these payments.

Large families

If you have a large family and the council has housed you in two separate homes because your household is too large to be placed in one home, we can pay housing benefit for both properties. To qualify, both properties must be public housing (whether or not provided directly by the council) and should be next to each other or within a few streets of each other. There is no time limit on these payments.

Unavoidable overlap

If you have moved to a new home which you rent, and still have to pay rent on your old home, you may be able to get some help.

The situation has to be unavoidable, for example, if you were offered a new home to rent but were unable to give your old landlord the notice he/she needed. Benefit may be paid for up to four weeks on your old home. For this to be considered, you must have moved to your new home.

Last updated: ‎09/05/2024 10:24