Overgrown hedges

What steps the council will take

The council will arrange an accompanied site visit with the council’s tree officer, visiting the owner and the properties where there is an issue.

The council will consider the information you provide in conjunction with the high hedges and light loss (GOV.UK) document to reach a decision. We will work out how the hedge is affecting your property by using the spreadsheet to calculate action hedge height (available in the above GOV.UK page).

The council may, if they consider the circumstances justify it, issue a notice requiring the owner or occupier of the land where the hedge is situated to take action to remedy the problem and to prevent it reoccurring. This is known as a ‘remedial notice’. Any remedial notice may be enforced through criminal prosecutions and/or by the council entering the land and carrying out the necessary work if the owner or occupier fails to do so.

The law does not require all hedges to be reduced to, or maintained at, a height of two metres.

More information on high hedge disputes (GOV.UK)

Last updated: 19/01/2023, 09:13