Social services adaptations on council properties

Tenant information

Benefits and aims of adaptations in your home

Social services will carry out an assessment to check if you qualify for assistance to adapt your home. Adaptations can improve your standard of life and enable you to live independently in your home. Adaptations provide:

  • Improved access and safety to and around your home
  • Easier to use washing and toilet facilities
  • More user friendly appliances
  • Greater self sufficiency

Please note if tenants are planning to buy their council property under the Right to Buy Scheme we will not carry out these works.

Who will carry out the works?

The works will be carried out on behalf of Leicestershire County Council Social Services by a contractor appointed by us. Any work carried out will be supervised by a member of our Housing Repairs team; this member of staff will be your contracts supervisor.

When will the works start at my home?

A representative of the contractor will contact you to arrange a date when it is convenient for the works to start at your home.

Please ask for identification from the contractor when they call at your home.

How long will the works take?

This will depend entirely upon of the full extent of the works, as specified by your Social Services Occupational Therapist

What do I need to do?

Please allow access for the contractor at the agreed time. Keep valuables out of sight and safe while the work is being done. If the works are internal please clear as many of your personal possessions out of the room as you are able to move. The contractors will use dust sheets but if you have anything of special value, sentimental value or anything that is particularly delicate, please remove or add your own extra dust sheets.

What disruption will there be?

If the works are external there is likely to be very little disruption, but if you have any plants, shrubs that require moving in the location of the works please ask.

If the works are internal, there will be some disruption; however the contractor will be required to ensure that you always have the use of cooking, toilet, washing, heating and food storage facilities.

Disruption to your kitchen and/or bathroom

Works to your kitchen and/or bathroom will cause disruption to very important rooms of your home.

It is important that you are aware that the existing bathroom/kitchen fittings will need to be removed before repair works can be done and the new fittings installed. The contractor is required to ensure that toilet facilities, washing, cooker and laundry facilities remain in working order for the duration of the works. These may be temporarily fixed but will be operational. Therefore, please be patient the finished works will be well worth the disruption.

Safety first

Make sure that anyone in your home follows our safety-first guidelines:

  • Keep children well away, when the contractors are in your home
  • Do not let children climb on any scaffolding, ladders or steps
  • Do not touch any of the contractors equipment
  • Do not touch any of the building materials

Who do I contact if I need assistance?

While the works are being carried out you can contact your contracts supervisor who will make every effort to resolve your queries. Your contracts supervisor will make visits to your home while the works are in progress.

When can I contact my contracts supervisor?

To contact your contracts supervisor you can call 01455 238141 and press option 1 to speak to the Housing Repairs Section between 8.30am and 5pm Monday to Thursday, and 8.30am to 4.30pm on Friday and ask to speak to your contracts supervisor or you can complete our housing repairs contact form

In an emergency outside of these hours please phone our Control Centre on 01455 251137 who will be able to contact the contractor, or a member of the repairs team.

Special requirements

If you or anyone in your household has any special requirements, for example because of age or disability, please let us know before we visit. Please complete our housing repairs contact form

Last updated: 27/04/2023 13:43