Guide to non-dependants (someone 18 or over living with you)

What is a non-dependant?

A non-dependant is a person aged 18 or over who lives in your home or is using your home as their main residence. A non-dependant does not have to be a family member.

Will I need to provide proof of my non-dependant's income?

Yes, we will need to see proof of your non-dependant's income. You must provide us with all the information we need within one month of telling us about your non-dependant. We will then recalculate your benefit using the non-dependant's income.

The following list are common proofs of income for non-dependants:

  • Wage slips
  • A completed employer's certificate of earnings (available from the Council offices)
  • Award letter from the Department for Work and Pensions
  • Student award letter
  • Accounts (if your non-dependant is self-employed)

Last updated: 27/03/2024 08:51