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Debt is something that many people find themselves in; it only takes a small blip in your life for your financial situation to change suddenly. Once you have missed one payment, be it rent, mortgage or a loan, it is much harder to make two payments the next time, and then the situation can rapidly deteriorate. If not resolved, this can end in court proceedings or a visit from an enforcement agent.

But help is at hand: Citizens Advice Leicestershire offers a quality marked, completely free money advice service to residents.

Please don't pay for getting help with debts.

Citizens Advice Leicestershire offers:

  • Free debt management plans drawn up 
  • Free advice on Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs) and bankruptcy
  • A calculation of your income and expenditure, allowing you to see where your money goes to each week
  • A self help pack which contains information on how to prioritise debts and example letters to creditors

They will explore all of your options and assess what is best for you. Contact them for expert help before you sign up with a fee paying debt management company, try to consolidate your debts or get a doorstep or logbook loan. These companies are in business to make money out of you. The sooner you contact them the better you will feel.

There is a common misconception that people getting into debt are unemployed or on very low levels of income. In fact, 60% of their clients are working full time.  

Last updated: 22/01/2024 12:57