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Unfortunately there is currently no ‘drop in’ facility.

We would like to assure all of our clients that we will do our utmost to provide the best service possible given the grave and difficult situation in which we all now find ourselves. 

Contact details

There are a number of ways you can continue to get advice during this time:

  • General advice for city residents is available over the phone from 9am until 4:30pm Monday to Friday by calling 0808 2787970
  • General advice for county residents is available over the phone from 9am until 4:30pm Monday to Friday by calling 0808 278 7854
  • You can fill in an online form to receive advice by email ( or contact your local citizens advice team (
  • County residents looking for help with debt issues can ring their Money Advice service on 0116 464 7239 or email:
  • For advice on consumer issues (for example, issues related to products or services you've purchased) you can contact the Citizens Advice consumer helpline: 0808 223 1133
  • Anyone who would like to make a new claim for Universal Credit should call the Universal Credit Help to Claim line: 0800 1448444

Please be aware that waiting times for these services may be longer than usual as we are getting an increased volume of people trying to access our services right now.

Further information is available on their websites:

Last updated: ‎12/05/2022 12:18