Housing benefit and council tax support - change in circumstances

Report changes in your circumstances

If you receive help with your rent and council tax, it is your duty to report any changes in your circumstances that may affect your entitlement. This includes changes in your and your household's circumstances.

Tell us about a change (financialassessments.co.uk)

Telling another government department, such as the Jobcentre Plus, Department for Works and Pensions or Inland Revenue, unfortunately does not mean that we will be notified about the changes. You must tell the Benefits Section at Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council.

We need to know what has changed and the date that the change took place. Please make sure that you give us as many details as possible. We will need you to provide documents as supporting evidence once you have told us about a change in your circumstances.

If you do not have any evidence to support the change in your circumstances, please still tell us about the change, otherwise you may receive an overpayment of benefit which you may have to pay back. You can provide proof of the change later when it is available.

When should I inform you about a change in my circumstance?

You should notify the Benefits Section as soon as possible; in most cases, this should be within four weeks of the change. It is important that you advise us of changes in your circumstances quickly as benefit is assessed on a weekly basis. Failure to report a change can lead to the wrong amount of benefit being paid and could mean that you would have to pay some money back.

If the change means you would get more help with your rent and council tax but you fail to let us know within one month of the change, we will normally only be able to make the change to your claim from the Monday following the date that we received your written confirmation.

Last updated: ‎29/01/2024 09:35