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Conservation areas

Appraisals and management plans

For each conservation area within the borough there is an accompanying appraisal and management plan. The council is committed to periodically reviewing each conservation area and updating the appraisal and management plan, based upon the latest published guidance from the website Historic England: Conservation Area Appraisal, Designation and Management (

The purpose of each appraisal is to define and record the special interest of the conservation area with the preparation of a management plan which sets out suggested actions to preserve and enhance the special character of the area. 

The appraisal includes a description of the historical development of the settlement and a spatial and townscape analysis to identify the important features of the conservation area that define its special interest. Important features include:

  • Listed buildings
  • Key unlisted buildings
  • The use of traditional building materials
  • Views and vistas
  • Open and green spaces
  • Important trees
  • Boundary walls and features

The management plan indicates the planning guidance and policies which apply to development in the area and sets out suggested actions to preserve and enhance the special character of the area through a management strategy. An accompanying photographic survey is used as a mechanism for monitoring future change in the designated area.

Last updated: 04/01/2024 11:24