Heritage leaflets

Garden Temple at Gopsal Hall leaflet

Heritage leaflets recently completed include:

The Garden Temple at Gopsall Hall

In this borough we are fortunate in having on our doorstep the vista which is thought to have inspired Handel to pen his most famous opera, The Messiah.

This is marked by a Greek temple on the edge of Gopsall Wood, part of Earl Howe's Gopsall Estate in earlier days. Although now a ruin, its original form is easily recognisable.

The boot and shoe industry trail through Barwell and Earl Shilton

Less than 50 years ago the streets of Barwell and Earl Shilton bustled with women and men on their way to work in the boot and shoe factories. These industries supplied footwear for people around the world from Russia to South Africa.

On this trail you are invited to gain a glimpse of their past, reflect on the appearance of the factory buildings and ensure their industrial heritage is not forgotten.

The hosiery trail through Hinckley

Have you ever considered what it was like to work in a factory?

Hinckley was known as the cradle of the hosiery industry and had many impressive factory buildings.

To understand more about the machinery and working conditions, visit Hinckley's own industrial museum (hinckleydistrictmuseum.org.uk) opposite the former Atkins factory, Lower Bond Street, Hinckley.

The lost yards of Ratby

This leaflet gives an insight into Ratby's lost yards within the conservation area and why they were built. In conjunction with the Ratby Local History Group, we have installed nameplates at a number of locations to indicate where yards were known to exist.

Download this leaflet to see the sites of seven of the yards linked to a heritage trail and walk to view the locations.

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