Blue plaques scheme

A scheme, based on the one founded in London in 1866, commemorating the link between notable figures of the past and the buildings in which they lived or worked, is being implemented within the borough.

The scheme, including the manufacture and installation of the plaques, is wholly publically funded and does not receive any private sponsorship.

Since the scheme's inception, 30 highly distinctive plaques have been erected across the borough. The list of blue plaques erected in the borough is available to download.

Nominations to be considered, for which the following criteria apply, are welcomed by us:

  • An academic or famous person recognised by their profession for outstanding achievement
  • A famous person who is known by the man on the street
  • A famous inventor/manufacturer
  • A less well-known person, but plaque awarded to raise their public profile
  • Although some flexibility is allowed, the nominee should have been born over 100 years ago or have died more than 20 years ago
  • The proposed location of the plaque should be accessible or visible to the public
  • The connection of the location with the person must be substantiated by two independent sources

If funds are available, and if we are completely satisfied with any nomination received, it is formally approved. Prior to the plaque being manufactured and fixed in position, formal consent and a signed insurance document is obtained from the relevant building owners.

To make a nomination or for further information, contact the Conservation Officer. 

Last updated: ‎14/11/2023 09:32