Council tax appeals

Council tax banding appeals

The grounds for appeal against council tax banding are limited to situations where there has been a material increase or reduction in a dwelling's value. For example:

  • Where you start or stop using part of your dwelling to carry out a business, or the balance between domestic and business use changes
  • Where you become the taxpayer in respect of a dwelling for the first time (any appeal must be made within six months of the date you occupy your new property but, if the same appeal has already been considered and determined by a Valuation Tribunal, it cannot be made again)
  • A material increase in value may result from building, engineering or other work carried out on the dwelling. In these cases revaluation does not take place until after a sale - so the person appealing will usually be the new owner or resident
  • A material reduction in value may result from the demolition of any part of the dwelling, any change in the physical state of the local area or an adaptation to make the dwelling suitable for use by someone with a physical disability. In these cases revaluation should take place as soon as possible

All appeals should be made to the Valuation Office Agency (GOV.UK)

  • Tel: 03000 501501 
  • Fax No: 03000 505145

Appeals against council tax banding should not be made to the council.

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