Protect yourself against scams


Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council have made a pledge and signed up as a Friends Against Scams Organisation. To find out about the different type of scams, you are encouraged to watch a short video on scams awareness by visiting friends against scams online learning (

The video will show you the different types of scams and how to spot and support a victim. With increased knowledge and awareness, people can make scams part of everyday conversation with their family, friends and neighbours, which will enable them to protect themselves and others.

The national messaging supported by Leicestershire Police is to 'Take Five' - stop challenge project which can be found by visiting take five to stop fraud (

It essentially tells you that if you receive a call or text message to not act immediately. Take a moment, think about what they are asking for, challenge them, you have a right to do that as a customer and ultimately ring the bank yourself, or go into branch if you believe there is a problem.  

Last updated: ‎19/09/2023 11:01