Electoral boundaries

The Boundary Commission

The Boundary Commission for England is responsible for conducting a general review of all parliamentary constituency boundaries every eight to twelve years.

The Boundary Commission has published its final recommendations on the review of parliamentary constituencies in Leicestershire and Rutland in January 2005.

The Commission submitted its review of the whole of England to the Secretary of State and were approved on 13 June 2007. Any changes to constituencies would take effect at the general election following the making of the statutory order. Boundaries won't change until the next general election. If before this time there is a by-election, then the by-election would be held on current constituency boundaries.

For further information, visit the Boundary Commission for England website

2018 Boundary review

The Boundary Commission for England has now concluded its review on the current constituency boundaries. The consultation period has now ended and the commission have published their final recommendations in September 2018.

View their website for further information on the 2018 including the final recommendations: 2018 Boundary Review (independent.gov.uk)

The government must now prepare the statutory instrument (SI) that would implement the recommendations (which may not be amended by the government). Both Houses of Parliament will debate the changes and must vote on the SI before it becomes law.

If both houses approve the SI, the new boundaries would come into force the next time Parliament is dissolved. If they are not voted through by both houses, the existing boundaries will continue to apply for future general elections.

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