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Pride flag in Argents Mead

The rainbow flag is flying high above Argents Mead in Hinckley, for Pride Month.

Pride Month is an international celebration of LGBT+ communities every June.

Although this year’s is obviously different to those that have gone before, as we continue in at least partial lockdown due to the coronavirus. It is also a protest, as we continue the fight for full equality for all LGBT+ people across the world.

Here in the UK, undoubtedly, we’ve come a long way in this regard for sure.

But we’re still not where we need to be. 

There is still much more to do.

Some LGBT+ people still earn less than our colleagues at work. 

LGBT+ people, statistics show, are still more likely to take our own lives.

Young LGBT+ people make up to a quarter of the number of homeless people in Britain. 

Around half of all LGBT+ pupils are bullied at school for being LGBT+.

Anti LGBT+ hate crime is on the rise.

Trans, non-binary and gender fluid people are discriminated against in a host of ways. 

Bisexual people can feel ignored.

BAME LGBT+ people people often face discrimination, including from within LGBT+ communities.

So called ‘gay conversion therapy’ is still legal in the UK.

Sexually active gay men who want to give blood and plasma are still discriminated against.

And, looking further afield, shockingly, there are still around 70 countries where homosexuality is illegal and in around eight of those it is punishable by death. 

So, yes, the fight for full equality, recognition and justice has a long way to go yet.

And that is why this month, where these and other issues affecting LGBT+ people are highlighted, is so important.

If any of these issues affect you or someone you know, please contact one of the organisations listed in the ‘signposting’ page above.

They are there to help.

For all that’s still to do, we can and should celebrate how far we have come.

So, I may wish all LGBT+ people, in our borough and beyond, a Happy Pride!

Mathew Hulbert.
Barwell-based LGBT+ Rights Campaigner

Last updated: ‎04/06/2020 11:41