LGBT+ support in the borough

Support for local LGBT+ people

Photo of Mathew Hulbert holding the pride flag

February each year is LGBT History Month.

An opportunity to pay tribute to those individuals who paved the way in the fight for rights and recognition for all LGBT+ individuals and communities. As well as highlighting the steps still left to take for us to achieve full equality.

The first LGBT History Month in the UK took place in 2005, and the event has a tagline of ‘Claiming our past, Celebrating our present and Creating our future.’

The theme this year is ‘Mind, Body and Spirit.’ 

Hundreds of events marking the month are held nationwide each year, including in recent years an event marking it here in Hinckley and Bosworth.

Obviously this year is very different to all past occasions as we’re in lockdown in a global pandemic, so we’re not able to hold an in person event. However, we’re going to be putting out a host of content over on the ‘True Colours’ Twitter feed, which you can find at @LGBTeventsHB.

There will also be posts going out via the Borough Council’s own social media outlets.

Celebrating our communities and the contribution we’ve made, over the years, to the life and culture of our borough is so important.

We’ve come far in terms of rights and recognition, but we still remain a long way from full equality. For example, ensuring the rights of Trans, non-binary and gender fluid individuals is, in my opinion, the new frontline in the ongoing fight for full equality for all of our communities.

As I’ve said many times in the past, none are equal until all are equal. Enabling each individual to be the truest and fullest expression of themselves should be what we are all about.

Stay safe, stay well and we hope that, for LGBT+ celebrations and commemorations later in the year, and in a Covid-compliant way, we may be able to meet in person once again.


Mathew Hulbert.
Barwell-based LGBT+ rights campaigner

Last updated: 29/01/2021 08:13