Advice for taking care of your mental health

Mental health and wellbeing

This information is designed to help people to adopt a healthier lifestyle through taking some simple steps. It includes why changes should be made and the support available to help achieve it. Here we are looking at mental health and wellbeing.

Looking after our mental health is as important as looking after our physical health. 

Mental health problems are more common than people think. One in four people will be affected by mental illness in any year. Common problems include depression and anxiety that affect the way that we cope with everyday life. 

Following the steps below can help to protect good mental health and wellbeing: 

  • Keep active - exercise can lift your mood and be an outlet for stress, help you sleep and look and feel better. Walking, gardening and housework can keep you active
  • Eat well - certain vitamins and minerals found in oily fish, fruit and vegetables and wholegrain foods can provide vital nutrition to help with common mental health problems 
  • Stay hydrated - water is important for mental health. It may help to set an alarm to remind you to drink more water throughout the day. Alcohol dehydrates and is a depressant so drink in moderation
  • Talk about your feelings - ask for help from friends, family or a community group. It isn’t a sign of weakness to talk about your feelings; it’s part of taking charge of your wellbeing
  • Be creative - read a book, listen to music, play a game, draw or paint
  • Take a break and relax - learn relaxing breathing techniques or go for a walk. Give yourself space to think, rest and play 
  • Connect with nature - get as much sunlight and fresh air as you can as this can have huge benefits on your mood and reduce stress levels. This could be by spending time in your garden or opening your windows

Mental Health Matters offer mental health support services in Hinckley and Bosworth area. They normally offer a 12-week community based mental health support but at this present time are offering telephone support and also checking in on clients and sharing local resources. This service is free. People can self refer to this service on 0300 323 0189 or email Mental Health Matters also have a 24/7 free helpline service for people to call if feeling they need to chat with someone on 0300 323 0187.

Useful resources:

If you are worried about your own mental health or someone’s you care about and it doesn’t seem to be getting better please talk to your GP.

For further mental health advice and support ( or contact the Samaritans on 116 123 or

For more information please contact: 

  • Lindsay Orton, Health & Wellbeing Manager on 01455 255805

Last updated: 21/06/2023 08:15