Why have an allotment?

There are many reasons why people still rent allotments including the opportunity to:

  • Have fresh and local produce
  • Grow organically
  • Know if chemicals are being used
  • Encourage more active lifestyles
  • Help with the weekly finances
  • Meet other like-minded people
  • Help children to learn about the environment
  • Reduce transportation of food products

And of course, the great taste of home grown fruit and vegetables.

There are many websites explaining the history of allotments, how and when they first started and how they have changed over the years. Typing in just the word 'allotment' in the search will give you lots of links which will also offer recipes, shops, books and even information on chicken keeping.

For guidance on how to deal with problems, such as club root, visit the Royal Horticultural Society website

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