Billa Barra Hill

Ecological interests

Ecological interests

Ecological surveys were undertaken in the late 1990s. From the results of the surveys it was found that the upper slopes of the site were dominated by gorse and acid grassland; a rare habitat in Leicestershire. Italian Rye Grass dominates the lower slope with other species present. The quarry contains a variety of early colonising mosses and vascular plants on rock surfaces that flourish in thin soils.

The majority of the open grassland is left to grow during the summer months and then is cut, and the arising are removed in late summer. This method of management reduces the nutrient levels in the soils, allowing the less dominant wildflower species to thrive. In the long term this will result in a much more diverse variety of flora which will, in turn, attract a variety of insects and other animals.

Wildlife that can be found in the area includes the following birds:

  • Dunnock
  • White Throat
  • Yellowhammer
  • Robin

The site also contains a variety of Lichens and Fungi.

Location map: Billa Barra Hill, Billa Barra Lane, Markfield LE67 9TA

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