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Advice about bird feeding

We support the feeding of wild birds and want them to thrive. However, this should not be at the detriment of basic public health and responsible bird feeding should be encouraged to ensure that rats are not attracted to bird food.  

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds advise that bird tables and feeders should be checked and cleaned on a regular basis to avoid the build up of food particles and droppings, as these can spread disease amongst the birds being fed as well as attracting rats.

In addition, putting out large amounts of food should be avoided. How much food is left over at the end of the day should be monitored and the amount put out altered accordingly. All leftover food should be removed at night. It is advisable to use bird tables and feeders with an overspill tray rather than throwing food on the floor. This will allow better management and hygiene of feeding areas and avoid rats being attracted to the area.

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