Accommodation inspections for UK entry clearance


Applicants who wish to visit or become permanent residents of the United Kingdom will need to apply to the immigration authorities for entry clearance. They will require an independent assessment of the property to demonstrate that the accommodation it’s proposed they will live in is safe, free from unacceptable hazards and will not become overcrowded by any additional occupiers.


The cost for the council carrying out this assessment and producing the necessary report is £170 including VAT.

Information to applicants

Whilst we will make every effort to carry out the inspection of the property and make available the Accommodation Certificate at the earliest opportunity, we cannot guarantee to provide certificates at short notice.

The Accommodation Certificate is only valid in respect of a single visa application. A further application for an Accommodation Certificate will be required for any other visa applications made in the future or for other properties. The Accommodation Certificate lasts for three months from the date of issue and it cannot be back-dated before the inspection carried out.

The Accommodation Certificate is prepared on the basis of the information provided by the applicant. We cannot accept any responsibility for any error or loss, if this information is incorrect or false.

For further information please visit the inspection process.

How to apply

Apply for UK entry accommodation inspection 

Alternatively, please complete our contact form if you would like a paper form to complete and return to us.

Where to pay

The easiest way to pay for this service is through our online payment system.

Last updated: 28/03/2024 08:41