Who can apply for right to buy?

Are you entitled to apply?

You may have the right to buy a property if you fall into either of the following categories:

  • Your secure tenancy was in existence before 18 January 2005
  • You were a public sector tenant before 18 January 2005, and you have been a public sector tenant continuously since that time

For anyone else, you do not have the right to buy until you have spent at least five years as a public sector tenant.

What is a public sector tenant?

A public sector tenant is a tenant of a local authority, a housing action trust, a housing association or a housing co-operative. If you are a tenant of a local authority or a housing action trust then you would be a secure tenant of the authority. A housing association tenant and housing co-operative tenant are exceptions: they would be introductory tenants for the first 12 months of their tenancy, after which they would also become a secure tenant.

You may be able to exercise the right to buy jointly with members of your family who have lived with you for the past 12 months, or with someone who is a joint tenant.

To apply you will need to complete a right to buy application form, which is available from the council or can be downloaded and filled in: Apply online for right to buy (GOV.UK).

Other exceptions to the right to buy Scheme

In some circumstances you may not be able to exercise the right to buy, for example if you have a demoted tenancy, or a court order instructing you to leave your home. If you live in accommodation which is particularly suitable for elderly persons (for example: a bungalow or sheltered housing), you may also be refused the right to buy.

Last updated: 12/03/2013 17:13