Who can apply for right to buy?

Identity/proof of residency documents to support your application

Tenants and family members joining in the right to buy are required to provide evidence of identity and proof of residency at your property. When submitting your right to buy application form (RTB1), you must provide one form of ID from group one and two forms of ID from group two. ID documents need to be in your current name. 

ID checks

Group 1:

  • Current passport
  • Biometric residence permit (UK)
  • Current driving licence
  • Adoption certificate
  • Original birth certificate (accompanied by marriage/civil partnership certificate if not showing current name)

Group 2a:

  • Marriage/civil partnership certificate
  • HM Forces ID card
  • Firearms licence (UK)
  • Birth certificate issued after time of birth (accompanied by marriage/civil partnership certificate if not showing current name)

Group 2b:
The following documents must have been issued within the last 12 months:

  • Financial statement, for example ISA, pension or endowment)
  • P45 or P60 statement
  • Council tax statement

The following documents must have been issued within the last three months:

  • Credit card statement
  • Bank or building society statement
  • Utility bill (not mobile phone)
  • Benefit statement, for example child benefit, pensions

Proof of residence checks

Family members, who are not tenants but are sharing the right to buy, must also provide two documents showing their address, one dated from the present time and one from 12 months ago, this is to prove residency with the tenant throughout the last 12 months.

Please bring your RTB1 form and ID/proof of residence documents to Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council, Hinckley Hub, Rugby Road, Hinckley, Leicestershire, LE10 0FR

How are you going to pay for the property?

We will arrange for a tenancy management officer to visit your property. You will need to advise the officer how you propose to fund the purchase of the property. This could be by the following means:

  • 100% mortgage
  • Less than 100% mortgage
  • Cash
  • Savings
  • Inheritance
  • Gift - You will need to provide written evidence from the person giving the gift. The written evidence should give details about the person who is making the gift, the amount they will be gifting and that they will not be seeking to recover the amount
  • Other – You will need to provide details

Tenants in receipt of benefits

Are you in receipt of benefits? For example:

  • Housing benefit
  • Universal credit
  • Disability benefit

The housing benefits section will be notified that you have made a right to buy application.

Information for tenants considering exercising their right to buy

You need to be aware that costs are likely to be incurred by exercising your right to buy, with specific reference to costs in respect of:

  • Stamp duty
  • Legal and survey fees
  • Valuation fees and costs associated with taking out a mortgage

As the owner of a dwelling-house it is likely that you will have to make regular payments with specific reference to payments in respect of:

  • Any mortgage or charge on the dwelling-house
  • Building insurance, life assurance, and mortgage payment protection insurance
  • Council tax
  • Water, sewerage, gas, electricity, or other utility services

There is a risk of repossession of your house if regular mortgage payments are not made.

In order to keep your property maintained and in good repair, you will be likely to have to incur expenditure which may include payment of service charges in respect of major works.

Visit Right to Buy: buying your council home (GOV.UK) for further information.

Last updated: ‎27/11/2023 12:25