No longer need a bin or bag?

Return bins or cancel service

No longer need a bin?

To arrange a collection, tell us:

  • Which container you want taking away
  • Reason for collection
  • Collection address
  • Your contact details

We will take away any of the containers below:

  • Refuse wheeled bin
  • Garden waste wheeled bin
  • Recycling wheeled bin

Please note you can keep your unwanted containers if you wish. Unwanted bags can be placed in your refuse bin.

You can also arrange a collection by phone: 01455 238141.

To cancel a service

If you wish to cancel the refuse, garden waste, or recycling service, simply:

  • Complete the 'arrange collection' form to get your bin(s) collected
  • Cancel your direct debit with your bank (if applicable)
  • We will cancel/amend your subscription as necessary

There are no part-year refunds for this.

Arrange collection

Collection time-scale

We aim to collect containers from your boundary within five working days.


Unwanted containers are collected free of charge. There is no refund or reduction in service charges or council tax if you no longer want to take part in our recycling, refuse or garden waste service(s). If you are opting out of a service, we will cancel your direct debit for you.

For further information on our terms and conditions, please refer to our wheeled bin and container policy (PDF)

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Last updated: 12/03/2024 14:59