Moving house - garden bins

What you need to do

If you have paid for the garden waste collection service and you move home within the borough of Hinckley & Bosworth, please do the following:

  • Take your garden bin with you
  • Inform us of your move so that we keep your records up-to-date

The sticker

Please leave the sticker attached to your bin. When you inform us that you have moved, a ‘relocation sticker' will be sent to your new property (please make sure you have access to the post at your new address before informing us), which you will then need to stick over the address part of your original sticker.

The relocation sticker on its own is not an authorised sticker; it must have the original garden waste service sticker with it.

Please note, if you are moving away from the borough of Hinckley & Bosworth, we are unable to partially refund payment for the service.

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Last updated: 23/08/2022 13:28