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Dead animals

Removing dead animals

The council will remove dead animals (such as: dogs, cats, ponies, horses, badgers, foxes and deer) from open spaces that are accessible to the public. This includes pavements and highways. Dogs and cats found in these places will be scanned for a microchip and stored for 21 days. If the details are available to us, then we will contact the owner. Dead animals on busy roads will not be collected due to staff safety. Large animals on the highway will be dealt with by Leicestershire County Council's highways department. 

Please note: landowners are responsible for dead animals on their own property.

How to report a dead animal  

Report a dead animal

It is important to provide as much information on the location as possible. On long roads please let us know the number shown on the nearest lamp post or property. This will help us to find the animal quickly. Alternatively you can telephone or email the council.

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If your dog or cat is missing

Let us know if you have lost your dog or cat

Members of the public often ring us with information of pets they have seen or found. We keep a record of missing/found pets so we can reunite them with their original owner.

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