How to apply for our over 55s homes

How to apply

Who is eligible?

To apply for our over-55s homes, you must be capable of living independently, but feel you would benefit from the services provided. Applicants must normally be over the age of 60, or over 55 with a medical need or disability.

You will need to complete an assessment form so that we can ensure that your needs will be met by this type of property. You may wish to discuss your needs with our staff before you apply to understand which of our properties would be suitable.


You will need to register for housing. Once registered, you can bid for the vacant properties advertised weekly on our website. You will be given a priority banding when you register. Our properties are allocated to the bidder with the highest level of need. As some properties are more suitable for mobility needs or just more popular than others, the level of priority required to be successful will depend on the property.  

Last updated: ‎04/11/2022 12:21