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Taxi safety

Travel safe when on a night out

If you are planning to travel home using a licensed taxi (hackney carriage) or private hire vehicle, we suggest you follow the advice below to make sure your journey is safe and that you are charged the correct fare:

  • Book a licensed vehicle in advance and use a trusted company or driver
  • Make sure that you have a record of your telephone, email or app booking and your journey information
  • Travel with your friends whenever possible
  • Keep your taxi fare money separate so that you don't spend it when you're on a night out
  • Make sure that you have your mobile phone with you

What you need to check

When a licensed vehicle picks you up you need to check:

  • The taxi or private hire licence plate on the rear of the vehicle should show the same make, model and registration number as the vehicle it is on. There is also an internal badge (which glows in the dark) on the windscreen of all taxis and private hire vehicles with the same details
  • The driver's photo I.D. badge should be visible but you can ask the driver to show it to you. The photo is a true likeness of the driver so you will know they are who they say they are

The correct fare for the journey

To make sure you are charged the correct fare for your journey:

  • Ask the driver what tariff he is using
  • All taxis (and some private hire vehicles) have meters fitted which should be in clear view and switched on. If the meter isn't switched on ask the driver to put it on
  • The maximum fare is shown on the meter and you shouldn't have to pay more than that, as it covers the whole journey for all of the passengers in the vehicle
  • If you think the fare is too much, ask for a receipt so you can query it later

 More information on the tariffs and charges can be found on taxi fares for hackney carriage vehicles

If you have any concerns or wish to complain

A licensed driver shouldn't ask you for money up front before you start your journey or refuse to take you on a short journey. If you have an issue of this sort, or any other with a licensed vehicle and wish to make a complaint, take a note of the plate number, name of the driver and if possible take a photo. Contact Licensing with all these details.

Anonymous complaints may not always be looked into.

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