Manage your council tax, benefits or business rates account

About our online service

Already registered for these services?

We have made improvements to the above services, which allow you to manage ‘my council tax’, ‘my benefits’ and ‘my business rates’ online.
You will now need to register for an online account on our website in order to use one or more of these services, even if you have previously registered.

How to register (new and existing customers)

Once you have an online account

You will need:

  • Your council tax account reference
  • Your benefit claim reference
  • Your business rates account reference

Your reference number is printed on letters or emails we send to you, for example, your council tax bill, your benefit award letter your business rates bill.

Next, log into your online account:

  • Select ‘add or manage services’
  • Next choose ‘council tax’, ‘business rates’ or ‘benefits’
  • You will also be asked some security questions. If you answer these questions correctly, you’ll be able to log in straight away. If you can’t answer all the security questions, we’ll send you a PIN (personal identification number) by post which you’ll need to access ‘my council tax’

Log in to my account

Why register for an account?

Registering is quick and easy. Once you have registered, you can sign in to your account at any time.

Services you can manage:

  • ‘My business rates’
  • ‘My council tax’
  • ‘My benefits’: a council tax support and/or housing benefit claim
  • As a landlord, the housing benefit claim for your tenant(s): when we pay you directly

Once registered online for ‘my council tax’ and/or ‘my business rates’ you can:

  • Sign up for e-billing so you are no longer sent paper notices
  • View your account balance
  • View your payment history
  • Check your council tax band and/or rateable value
  • View your bill, any discounts, relief or exemptions and how your charges have been calculated
  • Re-view your previous bills and letters

Once registered online for ‘my benefits’ you can:

  • View your next payment amount and due date
  • View payment history
  • Sign up to e-notifications so you are no longer sent paper notifications
  • View full details of your claim
  • View any overpayments and recovery details
  • View your previous award letters

Once registered online as a landlord, you can:

  • View details of tenants housing benefit award and any overpayments
  • View your next payment amount and date
  • Sign up to e-notifications so you are no longer sent paper benefit notifications
  • Download payment schedule in Excel, CSV or XML format
  • View payment history
  • View previous letters

Last updated: ‎13/04/2022 10:53