How we keep the website up-to-date

How we publish

We frequently review our web pages to make sure that information we publish is up to date.

We have two levels of responsibility for web publishing - editor and approver. An editor updates information and an approver checks it before making it live on the website. 

Role of an editor

An editor is responsible for:

  • Adding new or editing existing information:
    • Gathering appropriate information for publication from his/her service area 
    • Checking content for factual accuracy 
    • Making sure that the information is written in plain English and adheres to the web publishing guidelines 
    • Adding metadata to a page in order that it can be correctly listed by search engines 
    • Checking that documents such as Word documents and PDFs are accessible before submitting them for approval
  • Removing information which is out of date

An editor then submits the page(s) which are subsequently checked by an approver.

We train editors in web publishing and provide web publishing guidelines.

Role of an approver

An approver is responsible for checking the information which an editor submits before it goes live on the website.

This includes:

  • Checking the spelling and grammar
  • Checking that the information is clear and in plain English
  • Checking the information is published in accordance with our corporate style guidelines
  • Checking the metadata and the category/categories

An approver doesn't check for factual accuracy of the information; this is the responsibility of the editor.

Last updated: ‎07/08/2023 14:20