Help with housing - mental illness or impairment

How can we help?

If you have a mental illness or impairment, and are threatened with homelessness, we may be able to provide help and support.

If you contact our Housing Options Service for help, we will make sure your housing problems are identified early to hopefully prevent you from becoming homeless. The earlier you come to us, the better.

If you are suffering from a mental illness or impairment, we may accept that you are vulnerable and therefore in 'priority need' for accommodation. This will be determined by your personal circumstance and the officer assessing your application who will collect information from health professionals before reaching a decision.

Even if you are not in priority need, we can help you by creating a personalised housing plan for you. It will have actions for you and the officer to complete that will help give you the best chance of avoiding homelessness and finding a home.

We will make sure that your mental health is taken into account. If you need housing advice, assistance and support with your housing needs, please contact our Housing Options Service.

Last updated: 18/05/2023 10:11