Get your housing benefit paid into a bank account

Benefit paid into a landlord's bank account

If you are entitled to housing benefit, we can consider paying your benefit directly into your bank account or your landlord's bank account. 

However we can only consider paying your landlord directly if you come under the following circumstances:  

  • You are a tenant of a registered social landlord (housing association)
  • You are in a tenancy that began before 1989
  • You are renting from a charitable organisation that provides support
  • You are living in a caravan, houseboat, mobile home or hostel
  • You are living in board and attendance accommodation
  • You are classed as 'vulnerable' under the safeguard policy (Please contact us for more information about this)

If you fall under one of the above circumstances, we can pay your landlord directly. Your landlord can find further information on our advice for landlords page.

Last updated: ‎25/05/2022, 10:31‎