Christmas lights switch-on and Tin Hat Fair

Entertainment on the live stage

choir singing

On Friday 17 November, from 4pm there will be entertainment on the live stage. 

The full line-up is:

  • 4.10pm to 4.20pm: To be confirmed
  • 4.40pm to 4.50pm: Vicky Anne Academy of Dance
  • 5.10pm to 5.20pm: Fern and Lisa
  • 5.40pm to 5.50pm: Steve Faulkner
  • 6pm: Lest we forget
  • 6.10pm to 6.30pm: Christmas Lights build up and switch on
  • 6.35pm: Fireworks
  • 6.45pm to  6.55pm: The Drama Academy
  • 7pm to 7.15pm: Hinckley Choral Union

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