Saint George's Day event

Things to know about trading at the event

Set up

Please arrive between 8.30am and 9.30am to set up. You will need to provide your own set-up and equipment (for example a gazebo and tables)

Vehicles can enter Market Place via Station Road to unload, but must be moved before the event begins, unless pre-authorised by the event manager. No vehicles will be allowed to move when the event is on (10am to 2pm), unless there is an emergency. Vehicles can return to Market Place to pack away after 2pm if it is safe to do so and must have vacated the site by 4pm. Event assistants will be on hand and are identifiable by hi-vis vests. Vehicles must adhere to 5mph and put hazard lights on when moving in the event area. Please do not move your vehicle until an event assistant can guide you in or out safely.

Environmental and climate considerations 

Please read the climate change considerations page for further details on the council's expectations at events. 


If applicable, please can all vendors ensure that they display any relevant allergen information on their stalls. Vendors selling food or drink must provide a copy of their latest food hygiene certificate in advance of the event - the council requires this to be four or above. Vendors must also display their latest food hygiene certificate on their stall on the day of the event.


Power is not available at the event on the day. If you require power, please make us aware as soon as possible. You must bring your own generator and follow the safety guidance on using this item. Only silent generators or a maximum 80 decibels allowed, please specify generator make and model in the application. 


The nearest event toilets will be the public toilets on Station Road, approximately a three-minute walk from Market Place.


We have a professional medical team in place for first aid from 10am to 2pm. 75% of our event staff are also first-aid trained. If you require assistance, please find an event team member in a hi-vis vest or, if it is an emergency, dial 999. The nearest defibrillator is at the Leisure Centre. Drinking water is available from the information stand.   

Lost child

As this event is aimed at children and is expected to be busy, the chances of a child becoming lost are likely. We do have a procedure for lost children which event staff are aware of. If a lost child becomes known to you, please find a member of the events team or report in a pair at the information stand in Market Place on the day.

Promotion and photos on social media

We ask for you to provide a brief description of your offering and any restrictions involved in the activity so we can promote yourself and the event on social media. Please do let us have any photos that may help with this. We will have a professional photographer at the event. However, if you are taking your own photos on the day for use on your own website or social media, please make sure you have asked permission of those you are taking photos of. On the day of the event, any persons who have come to the information stand advising they do not want to be photographed will be wearing a green wristband to make our photographer aware they have not consented to being photographed.

Fire safety at events 

Please read the fire safety information for stall holders at markets and events. Saint George's Day as an event in its entirety has been fully risk assessed by us and includes a fire risk assessment. Please see important points to note from our fire risk assessment below and what to do if you discover a fire at the event: 

  • No smoking at your stall or near electrical equipment 
  • Please ensure any fire hazards such as liquids or litter are away from electrical equipment
  • Make sure equipment is PAT-tested and set up under cover in case of inclement weather
  • Make sure you have a clear safe fire exit route from your stall
  • It is your responsibility to ensure the safety of yourself and any staff members in an emergency situation and do a head count on the day to make sure everyone is accounted for in an emergency
  • Please note our emergency evacuation points for events staff (primary – Mount Road Car Park, secondary – former leisure centre car park) if you wish to use the same for your staff

If you discover a fire on site at the event, please raise the alarm by reporting immediately to an events assistant (wearing a hi-vis vest) or come to the information stand in Market Place. The events team do have on-site basic fire-fighting equipment and will assess the situation, before making a decision about whether to announce over the PA system to evacuate the site and call the emergency services. If you cannot advise a member of staff quickly on discovery of a fire, please call the fire service by dialing 999, then report to the events team. Once you have raised the alarm, please make sure you get yourself to a point of safety.

Insurance and risk assessments

All companies interacting with the public are required to have their own public liability insurance at a minimum of five million pounds. Please provide a copy of this for our records. Risk assessments covering your business and/or the activity you are providing need to also be submitted to us. If you are using power, a fire risk assessment will also need to be submitted. Please submit these documents on application.

Postponing and cancellation

Due to events beyond our control such as bad weather or changes to COVID-19 guidelines, it may be that the event is cancelled or postponed. If this decision is made, we will let you know as soon as possible. Unless you hear from us to advise you that the event is cancelled or postponed, please treat this event as going ahead. 

Last Updated: 11/03/2024 13:16