Recycling guidance


Packaging identification logos

Residents are reminded that only specific items are suitable for the recycling scheme provided by the Borough Council. Please follow the recycling guidance sticker 'How to use your recycling bin and caddy' which should be attached to your bin. If you do not see a sticker visible on your bin please contact us for a replacement.

Instructions on packaging may be different. Some packaging may state the item is recyclable, but that will only apply if local facilities include that type of product in the suitable item listing. If in doubt, then please use your refuse bin or alternatively contact us for advice.


The council has always strived to increase the amount of recyclables collected and divert waste going to landfill unnecessarily. There is a directive from the European Union requiring improvements to the quality of recyclables to help protect natural resources and reduce use of virgin materials. This impacts on the range of items we can collect to ensure quality is achieved.

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