Flats and apartments - it's easy to recycle

Properties taking part in service

Your council is working with housing landlords and management companies to improve the recycling services at flats, apartments and sheltered housing complexes around the borough.

All flats, apartments and complexes throughout the borough are provided with the same type of wheeled bins and caddies as individual properties. Occupancy at flats vary with many being just one or two residents per property, therefore, the recycling bins are for shared (communal) use in the same way the refuse bins are for shared use.

More information is available on our bins, recycling and rubbish pages.

Remember: if in doubt - leave it out

Information for developers and planning officers is available to download. This includes requirements regarding space, vehicle access and wheeled bin quantities.

For more information, please complete our waste services contact form or contact the council on 01455 238141.

Last updated: 21/09/2023 10:19