How to pay council tax

Pay at PayPoint outlets

PayPoint is a payments' collection network used, primarily, for the cash payment of bills such as council tax and business rates.

You can find PayPoint locations near you using the map in this page.

In order to make a payment at a store which provides a PayPoint service, you must have been issued with a bill which contains your unique account reference number and also a unique barcode.

When making a cash payment, you will need to take the barcoded notice to the assistant to scan the barcode, tell them how much you want to pay and then make the payment. The assistant will not have access to your personal account information, therefore you will need to know how much you would like to pay.

Once the payment has been processed, a receipt will be given and your barcoded notice will be returned to you for use next time you wish to make a payment. 

Last updated: ‎23/01/2024 10:13