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Rival market licence

Licence summary

A licence is required if the rival market is to be held within six and two thirds of a mile of another market with a royal charter.

A market of five or more stalls selling any type of goods can be considered a rival market. Rival markets include car boot sales, table top sales, craft fairs and antique fairs.

Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council has a royal charter which allows us to hold a market. As the owner of this charter we have 'market rights'. One of these rights is a common law right to be protected from disturbance. An example of a disturbance would be a rival market or fair within six and two thirds of a mile from where our market is held. A rival market or fair can be held within this distance if you are issued with a licence.

Our policy

You must apply for a licence from us at least 28 days before the first date of the rival market. A rival market licence applies only to the venue specified. A maximum of two venues may be named on the same application, providing that the dates for each venue are specified and there are no more than 12 dates in total: you can only have up to 12 events within a year. If two venues are named, area plans must be provided for each venue.

Before planning an indoor market of any type, please read our guidance on planning regulations for indoor markets

Our procedure

Please submit your signed application, which must include a plan of the area. You must have public liability insurance to the value of £5,000,000. 

We will then consult with Leicestershire County Council Highways and our planning service which will help us to determine whether to grant a rival market licence.

If you are applying to hold a non-commercial market for a charitable, sporting, social or political purpose, you must supply proof from the organisation you are supporting that you have an agreement with them. You must also provide proof that you have donated the proceeds. We will check this with the relevant organisation(s). 

We will revoke any licence issued and take enforcement action against any market holder who has misled us when making an application.

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