Sheepy Neighbourhood Development Plan

Previous version of the neighbourhood plan

Sheepy Parish Council submitted an application to develop a neighbourhood plan (PDF) which will cover the area of the Sheepy parish boundary in August 2015. A four week consultation on whether this was an appropriate area to undertake a Neighbourhood Development Plan ended on 11 September 2015. Following this consultation, the council formally designated the Sheepy Neighbourhood Area (PDF) on 22 October 2015 for the purpose of producing a neighbourhood development plan.

A neighbourhood development plan can establish general planning policies for the development and use of land in a neighbourhood, such as where new homes or employment should be located, what they should look like and what important services should be protected in an area. The plan can be detailed or general, depending on what local people want. Neighbourhood plans allow local people to get the right type of development for their community, but the plans must still meet the needs of the wider area. This means that the plan would have to take into account the strategic policies of the council’s Local Plan 2006 to 2026

Following years of evidence gathering and preparing the plan, the pre-submission version of the Sheepy Parish neighbourhood plan went out for consultation for six weeks and concluded on Friday 5 January 2018 at 5pm. It can be viewed on the Sheepy Neighbourhood Plan website ( Following this consultation, the feedback provided to the Neighbourhood Plan Group was reviewed and considered alongside feedback from statutory stakeholders. Consultation results from the pre-submission stage were then used to inform the draft plan for final submission.

A strategic environmental assessment screening report has been produced, and the determination is that it is unlikely to have significant environmental effects, and therefore, a strategic environmental assessment is not required.

Following an independent examination and a positive referendum result, the Borough Council 'made' the original Sheepy Parish Neighbourhood Plan in March 2019. The original plan document and decision statement can be found below:

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