Hinckley National Rail Freight Interchange

About the proposals

As a member of the public, if you have questions, you can phone the community information line, operated by Lexington Communications, on 0844 556 3002. You can also email hinckleynrfi@lexcomm.co.uk

What is it?

The Hinckley National Rail Freight Interchange is a large, proposed development in the south of the District of Blaby and north east of Hinckley and Burbage. The site is proposed to include:

  • A rail freight terminal on the Felixstowe and Nuneaton railway line
  • 850,000 square metres (sqm) of warehouse floorspace (650,000 sqm ground floor and a further 200,000 sqm mezzanine floor space)
  • A rail port and lorry park
  • Dedicated road access directly from Junction 2 of the M69 and associated highway works
  • A new highway link from junction 2of the M69, which would run north-westwards across the southern end of the rail Freight, over the railway connecting to the B4669 Leicester Road (referred to as the A47 link road)
  • Landscaping and open space including footpath and cycle links

The site is mainly within Blaby District’s boundary. However, part of the proposed A47 link road is within the Hinckley borough, east of Hinckley urban area.

Who is deciding this application?

The development is considered to be a nationally significant infrastructure project and, as such, the council will act as a statutory consultee in the process and will not be responsible for determining the application.

Tritax Symmetry will be making a formal application to the Secretary of State for a development consent order. This is done through the Infrastructure Planning Unit (planninginspectorate.gov.uk), which is administered by the Planning Inspectorate.

All documents forming the application, including any formal comments the council makes on the application, can be found on the above website.

How is the project processed?

How is the project processed?

The project is already registered with the Infrastructure Planning Unit. The process is in seven stages and is made up of:

  1. Pre-application (complete)
  2. Submission of application and acceptance by the Planning Inspectorate (complete 13 April 2023)
  3. Pre-examination (current)
  4. Examination
  5. Recommendation and decision
  6. Post decision
  7. Formal public consultation and statutory consultations: February to April 2022, October/November 2019 and an additional first stage of public consultation took place during October/November 2018

How will Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council get involved?

The council has set up a cross-party members' working group who will meet monthly to discuss the project and the council’s role in the process.

We will get involved as follows:

  • During the pre-application stage. There is a statutory duty on the applicant to consult local residents and interested parties. The council has had an opportunity to input into the Statement of Community Consultation which sets out how the consultation with the community will be undertaken (August 2021)
  • We have submitted an ‘adequacy of consultation representation’ confirming whether or not the council deems the consultation adequate
  • Formal public consultation and statutory consultations were undertaken by the applicant in February to April 2022 and you are able to review the council’s response here. The applicant undertook public consultation in October/November 2019 and October/November 2018
  • We will produce a ‘local impact report’, setting out what the anticipated impacts will be on the borough of Hinckley & Bosworth (or any part of the area) and the communities affected
  • The council will also be required to agree a statement of common ground with the applicant (based on evidence based assessments)
  • We will provide a formal written representation as a statutory consultee in the procedure
  • We will attend and participate at any hearings and accompanied site visits
  • It may be necessary for the council to negotiate and enter into a Section 106 agreement with the owner/developer securing relevant planning obligations

You can find the latest current position on our website here:

Last updated: 22/08/2023 08:57