Information requests - statistics

About the requests

The number of requests that we receive continues to steadily rise as more and more people become aware of their rights under the FOI Act and the Environmental Information Regulations 2004.

The statistics have been produced in line with guidance from the Ministry of Justice. 

Information included 

The types of information that are formally treated as FOI/EIR requests and that are reflected in the statistics in this document are: 

  • Those submitted directly or passed to the council's Information Governance Officer  
  • Requests for information that do not reflect day-to-day business because they are usually quite voluminous or involve the collation of information from many council services and/or 
  • The requester has asked that their request be dealt with under the FOI Act or EIR

Information not included

We supply large amounts of information, both on request and pro-actively, as an established and routine part of our business. This includes information released in the form of leaflets, correspondence exchanges, reports and other published material, and through its website.

Requests for information are easily dealt with as part of day-to-day business. The statistics do not capture these routine requests as it would be both uninformative and fundamentally unfeasible to monitor all such activity.

Requesting the statistics

If you require our information request statistics, please contact us by completing the information governance contact form