What happens once you've ordered your bin


This service is renewed annually. We will provide you with a sticker to place on each bin.

Paying by direct debit

Find out when we will collect your direct debit. Your next payment will then be taken in April the following year, regardless of which month you set up the direct debit.

Paying by debit or credit card

You will need to renew the service each year in April or May (subscription year runs from June to May).


If you currently pay by direct debit, we will automatically renew the service for you and take your payment on 1 April. You will receive your sticker by mid-May.

Residents renewing their subscriptions in April (by card payment) will receive their sticker by mid-May. Stickers purchased from 1 May will be received within 10 working days of the payment being taken.

Your sticker will be posted separately.

When you receive your sticker, please fix it to the bin.

Then, simply continue to present your bin in the same way and on the same day. Check your bin collection day

The collection crews will only empty the bins displaying the correct sticker. We will not be able to return for bins which do not display the correct sticker for the year.

Last updated: 04/03/2024 17:43