Cookies used to set your location

Your location

Some online services and facilities in this website require you to set your location to get information tailored to where you are. (You set your location once for all services below.) If you don't set your location, this cookie won't be used.

  • My area: you set your location and view facilities near to you
  • Bin collection days: set your location to get your bin collection days for the year
  • A to Z of services: you set your location to view services near to where you are
  • Planning applications: view near to you  

We use one cookie to store information about your location:

  • Name: mylocation
    • Persistent cookie used to set a location
    • Contains: selected postcode, selected address, uprn (unique property reference number), usrn (unique street reference number), ward, parish, longitude and latitude
    • Expire(s): 30 days

Last updated: 07/07/2022 15:42