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Election jobs

Electoral registration canvasser

About the annual canvass

Every year, we are required to check that the information we hold on the Register of Electors is correct in preparation for the publication of the revised register on 1 December.

We write out to all properties in the Hinckley & Bosworth area to ask residents to check if we have the correct information on the electoral register. This takes place in three stages, typically between July and November:

  • Stage one: Initial delivery of forms by deliverers
  • Stage two: Royal Mail delivery of reminders
  • Stage three: Personal visits by canvassers

The role - Stage one deliverer

At Stage one, we contact every property in the Hinckley & Bosworth area with an email or letter. As a stage one deliverer you would be expected to:

  • Collect forms and sort them into a suitable order
  • Deliver forms to properties in your designated area within the time specified
  • Keep record of inaccessible properties
  • Return undeliverable forms to Electoral Services in a timely manner

No experience is necessary. 

Payment is calculated by the number of forms to be delivered and the type of area you are delivering to (for example, urban or rural)

The role - Stage three canvasser

Stage three canvassers are a vital part of the registration process, ensuring that we are able to collect accurate information from households who have not yet responded to requests for information.

As a stage three canvasser you would be expected to:

  • Attend mandatory training virtual training session on the electoral registration system and lone working
  • Make personal visits to all properties within your allotted canvass area who have not yet submitted a response to the annual canvass form
  • Encourage occupants who are not yet registered to vote to do so
  • Assist occupants to complete registrations forms on the doorstep electronically using a hand-held tablet
  • Answer enquiries from occupants about the registration process and direct them to the Electoral Services office for further assistance
  • Report information on inaccessible properties
  • Manage your own workload of visits flexibly within the time specified – best results are often achieved at the weekend
  • Keep a record of your own mileage

Stage three canvassers are the public face of the Electoral Services Office; therefore, good customer service skills and a polite demeanour are necessary.

Due to the size of the canvass areas, access to a car is required. Due to the nature of the role, Stage three canvassers should be over the age of 18.

Payment is calculated on the number of visits made and the number of responses collected. Mileage is also paid at a rate of 45p per mile.

Current vacancies

The next scheduled canvass is due to begin in Summer 2024. Any vacancies that arise will be advertised on this page.

Canvass vacancies are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you would like to be contacted when a vacancy becomes available, please contact us using our online form below.

How to apply

When you apply, we ask you to tell us:

  • Which area(s) you are interested in
  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your contact details (email address, telephone number)

Apply to become an electoral registration canvasser

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