Asbestos, man-made fibres (MMF) and biocides

Asbestos is a natural mineral fibre, in the past it was commonly used in building materials due to its insulation and fire-resistant properties. Damaged or disturbed asbestos should be carefully removed by a licensed contractor, to minimise the health risks from inhaling the fibres and dust particles.

Common man-made fibres include rockwool and fibre glass, used for thermal and acoustic insulation. Both are irritants which can cause risks to health and severe discomfort if they come in to contact with skin and eyes. They can also lead to respiratory problems if inhaled.

Biocides, such as timber treatment products, glues, solvents and pesticides should be used only in well-ventilated rooms. 

Always read warning labels and take appropriate preventative health and safety measures.

Last updated: ‎27/04/2023 12:55