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Preventing hazards in the home

Hazards you or your landlord should prevent

Find out about the hazards you or your landlord should prevent within the home.

The council has a role in enforcing legal requirements. If you are concerned about any of the hazards listed below, you can contact the Private Sector Housing Team, or the Housing Repairs Team if you are a council tenant, on 01455 238141. For further information, please read the section on enforcement below.


If asked to do an assessment, the council will establish the risk to heath and safety from hazards in your home.

We manage this through the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS). Under this system, hazards are assessed and rated according to severity: that is, how likely it is to badly effect someone in the home. The requirements may vary depending on who is living at the property; some hazards will be more serious for small children or elderly residents.
If we visit your property to do an inspection, we will provide instructions on the actions required to meet legal standards. Where appropriate, failure to address serious health and safety concerns may result in court action.