Water supply, sanitation and drainage


There should be sufficient handwashing and showering/bathing facilities for the number of people in the household with adequate supplies of hot and cold water to each.

Surfaces should be smooth, well maintained and easy to keep clean.

Provision should also be made for the washing and drying of clothes with adequate ventilation. There should be enough power sockets for appliances.

The water supply within the home should be clean enough for drinking, and the quantity should be adequate for carrying out daily tasks such as cooking, cleaning, washing and sanitation.

Adequate measures should be taken to avoid contamination by bacteria, protozoa, parasites, viruses and chemical pollutants.

Tanks should be covered to prevent contaminations from mice, birds and insects.

The condition of pipework and taps should not adversely affect the water quality.

Last updated: ‎17/04/2024 11:34