Space, light and noise



Household members should have adequate space and privacy to live. The functional positon of amenities such as sinks, windows, cupboards, electrical switches, handles, and doors should be considered and there should be sufficient space for the intended purpose of the room. This includes workspace in kitchens and bathrooms.


The home layout should allow for sufficient natural sunlight to penetrate rooms during the day. There should be working controllable artificial light, without glare or flicker, for evenings and where there is poor natural light to enable domestic tasks, especially in the kitchen and over stairs. Pathways should be well-lit along pathways, doorways and enclosed areas.


Internally there should be adequate sound insulation within and between different rooms. Accommodation along busy roads may require double or secondary glazing to reduce traffic noise.

Exposure to noise can cause sleep disturbance, headaches, anxiety, aggression and stress.

Protection from intruders

Homes should be secured with adequate locks and a door chain. Flats and multi-occupied buildings are at a higher risk of entry by intruders and often benefit from extra security measures, such as intercom entry systems and access controlled doors.

Last updated: 17/04/2024 11:30