Street play and street parties

Road closure for street play

A road closure for street play is a temporary road closure which will close your road to through traffic for up to three hours as often as once a week for children to play out in the street (street play session).

What is street play?

Street play is part of the national scheme endorsed by Play England ( A road closure for street play gives children and young people the chance to play safely in their street without danger from traffic, while allowing neighbours to get to know each other.

The street play vision is for every child to have the freedom to regularly play actively and independently near their own front door, contributing to a healthy lifestyle and a safer community.

How to organise a road closure for street play 

To apply, complete the form using the button below to tell us:

  • Your details: name, address, telephone number, email address
  • Name of road(s) to be closed and exact location of the closure
  • Time and frequency of road closure (up to a maximum of three months)
  • Site plan/map of road closure
  • Copy of the neighbour consultation letter and evidence of the agreement of neighbours
  • Details of signs you will put up
  • Evidence of public liability insurance, or if you are not taking out public liability insurance, evidence that participants have been informed that participation is at their own risk
  • A risk assessment
  • Details of marshals to be used to monitor the road closure

Your application must be received at least eight weeks before your first street play session, and you can apply for a series of sessions for up to three months. Each closure should be for no more than three hours and should be scheduled at quieter times, for example Sunday afternoons. Requests will not usually be considered for through routes, bus routes, trunk roads or on roads that would require a diversion. Cul-de-sacs are ideal for road closures for street play.

Appropriate signage should be put in place by the organisers, including ‘road closed’, ‘road ahead closed’ and advanced warning signage. Signage cannot be homemade and must confirm to Leicestershire County Council’s standards. A quote can be obtained from their sign shop [insert contact details]. Signs should be fixed to temporary bollards and not bins or other household items.

The closure should be marshalled by trained and competent people who understand their responsibilities. Leicestershire County Council can provide information on training for marshals.

Request road closure for street play


Please note that the fee for obtaining a road closure for street play has been waived. You will not need to pay for the order.

What happens next?

Once your application has been received, we will contact other agencies on your behalf such as the highways department of the County Council, the police and the fire service. Those agencies will reply to us indicating whether or not they support your application. Where your application is supported, we, Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council will make an Order that the road will be closed for a period of your street play session.

Further information:

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