Electric vehicles (EV) and charging points

Electric cars are better for the environment

Councillor Cartwright and two other men at Sport in Desford's car charging point

Research has identified that electric cars are better for the environment. They emit fewer greenhouse gases and air pollutants over their life than a petrol or diesel car. While the cost of purchasing an electric vehicle is currently higher, the running costs are up to 70% lower and maintenance and repair costs are minimal. As more vehicles are mass produced, the cost will come down. 

Places you can charge your vehicle

We are currently have 46 EV charging points which can be found in the following car parks:

  • Lower Bond Street, Hinckley - 12 points
  • Castle Car Park, Hill Street, Hinckley - 12 points
  • Hallfields Car Park Earl Shilton - eight points 
  • Rectory Lane Car Park, Market Bosworth - six points 
  • Stanley Street Car Park, Barwell - eight points 

Other public charging points in the area include:

  • Mira, A5
  • Service station at Desford cross roads, A47
  • Tescos, Hinckley
  • McDonalds, Hinckley
  • Sport in Desford, Peckleton Lane, Desford, LE9 9JU. For more information on Sport in Desford’s electric vehicle charging points, which includes a demonstration on how to use the charging points watch, Sport in Desford’s electric car charging video (youtube.com)

Hinckley’s requirement for EV charging was identified due to the large areas of residential housing with no off-street parking, and a requirement for workers, shoppers and visitors to charge their vehicle whilst visiting the town centre. Part funding for the project was secured through the office for low emission vehicles.

The chargers will be supplied by Pod Point Ltd, whose mobile phone application identifies charging points across the country and also takes payment. Information about charging points and to download the app, please visit pod point network (pod-point.com).

Parking charges

Normal parking charges will apply for the duration of your stay, our pay and display machines accept coins or debit and credit cards by contactless payments, and you can also use PayByPhone. 

Residents who live up to approximately a seven-minute walk from the car parks will be contacted and offered a free parking permit to use while charging.

Future plans

The council has ordered its first electric vehicles which are due for delivery in September 2023 and will account for 10% of our light fleet. We have also been trialling alternative fuels in our HGV fleet, and from January 2023 we will be running all refuse and recycling collections using HVO fuel which is a biodiesel emitting 90% fewer emissions than traditional road diesel. This will reduce the councils total carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions by 25%.

For any more information, please complete our contact form or telephone 01455 238141.

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