About the electoral register

'Opting out' of the open register

Anyone can buy a copy of the open register and use it for any purpose.

You can choose to have your name and address removed from this register - this is called ‘opting out’.

You can choose to opt out of the open register at any time – it does not have to be when you initially registered to vote. You only need to opt out once as long as you are registered at the same address. If you move, you will need to re-register to vote and opt out again.

Once you have opted out, your details will not be included in any future publications of the open register. We cannot remove your details from past publications of the open register. 

Opting out of the open register does not affect your ability to apply for credit.

How to opt out

You can opt out online or contact us using the details in this page. 

To opt out online, click the button below to access our online form. The process takes just a few minutes. You will receive written confirmation once you have been opted out.

Opt out of the open register

Last updated: ‎05/07/2023 16:30