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Hinckley cemetery

Prices for burials


To calculate the cost of a burial/interment, there are two charges that need to be added together:

  • The burial/interment which is the fee for digging the grave
  • The purchase of the grave/the exclusive rights of burial (the right to say who can be buried in a grave and if a memorial can be erected). See exclusive right of burial for 70 years

No charges apply for the following:

  • For the body of a stillborn child or a child whose age did not exceed one month
  • For the body of a child whose age did not exceed 18 years

For the body of a person who is over 18 years (including caskets and brick graves):

  • Single depth grave: £550
  • Double depth grave: £632.50
  • Triple depth grave: £726

Cremation casket or ashes under turf in a grave:

  • Single depth: £167.20
  • Scattering of cremated remains: £126.50

Please note:

  • If the purchaser of the grave is resident outside our special expense area (outside of Hinckley) then double fees apply
  • If the deceased person was resident outside our special expense area (outside of Hinckley) then double fees apply 

The exception to this is for residents who had lived within Hinckley for at least 25 years, but who lived outside Hinckley for a maximum of ten years prior to their death for health care or welfare reasons.

Where available, work in the cemeteries on Saturday or Sunday will attract double fees.

Prices are valid from 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2024.

Last updated: ‎12/02/2024 11:24